Guest Poetry by Ava Striker

A slight of hand, rage cold and white,
Your deception writhing out of sight,
A clever haze to hide from analysis,
So very slyly you masked what is,

You cut a fresh scar upon another,
Truth and understanding you wish to smother,
With sweet words you feigned empathy,
In the end you burned the chemistry

For who are you to care when it’s done?
Many a tales you have spun,
About love, loss and heartfelt grief,
But this innocent heart did you successfully deceive

Tell me- were you earnest in your rhymes?
Or were they a shadow to hide your crimes?
Tell me- did I flit across your mind?
When you plunged the blade from behind?

Tell me- did my spirit fill that void?
Left by one who destroyed?
Tell me- was my home not enough?
Or did you run before I could call your bluff?

Tell me- does hiding in apathy keep you warm?
While I battle to calm this storm?
Tell me- do you remember the promises made?
To hold steady lest we swayed?

To flee is but a coward’s choice,
Even more so to silence my voice
While hiding behind your wall of disinterest,
A coward’s home – a pitiful fortress

You took the phantom that wrecked you so,
Doused in what-ifs and set us aglow
These flames consumed a gift of chance,
But to you not worth a second glance

For you took this communion of kindred souls-
A serendipitous instance of joyful hopes,
A home we built to help us heal,
And masked it as a meaningless ordeal

A twist of fate so cruel and abrupt,
Orchestrated by your need to give up,
For what could I ever do?
Once you deceived yourself to think it was true?
Did you come armed for this battle for love?
Foster courage to meet the pains thereof?
Do you see the cracks in my sword and shield?
As I held steady in this war from far afield?

Cruelty becomes you well,
For you’ve had many moons to dwell
On the ways to hurt a bleeding heart-
To puncture wounds and tear it apart.

There is no denying that you have learned,
The tricks and ways you once scorned,
And I, your subject in this game,
Only have these words- your prize to claim.