Taking the latest and great pill or supplement has once again become “all the rage” (we’re getting ready for the 20s here at Rouges!) and one of the things everyone is taking is a probiotic. What is a probiotic and should you be taking one?

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Not All Bacteria Are Created Equal

Most people associate bacteria with being something that needs to be killed because otherwise it will kill them. However, this is not always the cause. There is such a thing as beneficial bacteria. There are beneficial bacteria all over our bodies, especially in our stomachs. Bacteria in our stomachs helps digest food and put that energy and nutrients to use. The stomach biome is a delicate place. Bad food, sickness, or medication can upset that delicate balance. Probiotics reintroduce bacteria into our gut that helps us feel better and be better. The small intestines rely on these bacteria for further digestion so having a solid gut biome is a foundation of good health.

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Mental Health is Gut Health

The latest studies have shown that mental health can be affected by the bacteria in your stomach. If the stomach biome is off, people can start to have depression and anxiety. In dementia patients, the disease was slowed by a positive gut biome and it may even help the treatment of Alzheimer’s. Scientists are just now beginning to understand the relationship between the gut and the brain. Taking a probiotic can be a good way to treat any mental issues you might have to just to feel better and be better in all areas of your life.

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Intestinal Issues

Probiotics are wonderful for treating any intestinal issues ranging from diarrhea to leaky gut. If you’re having an upset stomach, taking extra probiotic can be helpful. If you’ve eating bad food or binged on junk food, taking probiotic to restore your gut flora can be helpful to stave off the unpleasant effects of those habits. While eating healthy is always a great option, taking probiotics can help the recovery process. It’s also apart of any healthy diet or eating regime you might be on

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The Right Probiotic

The right probiotic isn’t always easy to find. Some are refrigerated and others are ready for over the counter. They also come in different strengths. There’s two ways to find the right one for you. You can buy several and see which one gives you the best effects. You can try just a few billion bacteria or go as high as ten billion. Alternatively, you can consult with your doctor. You’ll find the right one and be healing your gut and enjoying the effects of the probiotic right away!

N.B. Rouges Magazine would like to remind its readers that this advice is not written by a doctor and no doctors have yet offered to work for us. Please make sure to consult with your physician before taking something new.