Before the days of air travel, most people travelled by train and train travel was lovely and luxurious. Train journeys could last several days. The goal of passenger rail was to transport its passengers quickly and comfortably to their destination. The comfort portion of that proposition was epitomized by the luxurious Pullman railcars. These cars were long, sleek, sprung in such a way that the bumps and bends of the rails of the train were smoothed out so that the passengers would be shielded from the harshness of travel as much as possible. The dining was on par with the finest restaurants and the accommodation was a veritable moving hotel, completely with helpful porters to cater to a passengers every need.

With the advent of air travel, many of the Pullman cars were scrapped or shunted to rail yards and left to wither on their wheels. However, there is now an effort to restore some of these iconic cars to show what train travel was and how spectacular travel by rail once was.

We’ve found this video to tell the story of the Pullman rail car and the wonderful age of train travel: