There has been much ballyhooing about the future of AI and what AI holds for the world economy and how we interact with each other. However, AI is limited by the limitations of computers and their processing power. Quantum mechanics is here to solve that very problem.

Quantum mechanics is incredibly complicated. It involves using things called qubits and uses electricity to change their state which allows massive amounts of information to move through the processors. If the technology matures, they will be able to move far more information than a classical computer. At this stage, we’re at the same place regular computers were in the 1950s. They fill a room and are very modular in nature. The computers produce so much heat that they must have cooled with helium pumps.

In a race between AI and Quantum Computers, Quantum computers are far closer to being a real technology than AI. Real quantum computers exist and IBM is close to producing one for sale. Quantum computers are quickly moving from the theoretical to reality at an astonishing pace. We’ve found this clever video to show how quantum computers and their tremendous computing power will start to change our lives in the next 5 years. It’s hard to tell what the long-term applications might be. No one could have predicted the personal computer or the smartphone and Quantum computers could create a future that is just as revolutionary.

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