Millions have lost their job due to the pandemic. We know that some of our readers are among them and so we decided to put together a little guide to help you get through this time and pull together what you need to survive this pandemic and get ready for when this is all over.

Polish Your Resume

It’s always the first job of finding a new job. There might be some information from your last position that is certainly missing. Add that position and all your duties and skills that you learned, especially if you were there longer than 2 years. Double check for any spelling mistakes. Try to use a modern font and use a modern format as well. Make sure to have it available in Word and PDF depending on the submission system.


The best way to get a new job is to reach out to other people in your field and get a recommendation for a position. It’s a great way to land an interview. Be prepared for some rejections during this time. Many businesses have frozen hiring or are simply waiting to see how the pandemic shakes out before doing any hiring. It’s going to be slower going than it normally would be in normal times but let your network know that you’re looking and you might find some luck.

Use Resources

One of the great resources we found was a website dedicated to the pandemic unemployed. I Lost My Job to Corona Virus is a great website for resources and help as you navigate this time. For immediate needs like good, rent, etc. Look for your local food banks and rent help organizations like Catholic charities. For some, this might be the first time reaching out for help. You’ll have to call, you might be left on hold for a while, have to call back, and fill out a bunch of paperwork. However, help is available. You may be also able to apply for SNAP (food stamps) to get you through this time depending on your situation. Explore all possibilities because this could last for some time.

Career Change 

Now is also a great time to explore a career change, especially if your field might not be coming back for awhile. Let your fingers to the walking and start exploring where you might be able to apply your skills in other fields. A bartender might find other customer service work to be available. People in large events might find that they can serve as a corporate A/V person to keep all those zoom calls working properly. Keep your ideas open, scan listing carefully and craft a solid cover letter to show how your existing skills apply to the new position.

Stay Sane

It’s going to be a long winter so it is important to stay sane, do what you need to do for your present survival (shelter and food) and do your best. That’s all you can do. This is a tough time for everyone but it’s even harder to navigate without stable income. Be kind to yourself and remember that this isn’t your fault.