Magic: The Gathering started as a popular table top game in 1993 and using clever cards and series spawned a revolution in gaming. The series has it’s own line of books and nearly every gaming shop in the US has a Friday Night Magic (FNM) event. Magic tournaments are not new (you can even learn to judge them) but now Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro are now launching a esports version of the popular table top game.

E-sports has become a leader source of popularity and revenue for gaming companies with the popularity on par with regular sports. Fortnite, Overwatch, League of Legends and other games all have popular e-sports leagues with millions of dollars at stake. Although the Magic online platform has been in open beta for awhile, this will most likely draw players to the platform and possibly give a new generation of players a chance to experience the game in an environment that is familiar to them.

The Gaming Desk will continue to follow the progress of Magic: The Gathering and it’s e-sports league to see who rises to the top and what individuals and teams form in the league and how well they do. For those who might have quit playing, this is an exciting development.