We may have done away with the colored and white drinking fountains and bathrooms but when it comes to our social lives and living arrangements, we’re still segregated. The researchers in the video did a long term study to look at where people lived vs where they worked. They noticed that people tend to work in very diverse environments but they still tend to live in areas that are mostly segregated. They did further research into companies and even people’s close friends and discovered that social segregation is still very much apart of American life.

Unpopular Commentary Incoming

I think a big part of this is the fact that there are very different cultures that travel in parallel in this country. Each group, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian have cultural jokes, norms, and unspoken rules that others outside the group just don’t know or understand. In short, when you’re in your own group, you don’t have to explain yourself. Social segregation isn’t going to be easy to overcome. Let’s face it, we might have to face the reality that people just don’t want to mix.

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