If you have even had any interaction on Google+, you’ve probably already seen the email going out that in April, Google+ is going away. Google + was Google’s poor attempt to compete in the social media sphere and they even went so far as to integrate the service within Youtube comment sections to get people to sign up and use the service. However, Google+ never really took off.

You have until April 2, 2019 to download all your Google+ content that you might want to save. If your photos and videos are within the Google photos ecosystem, those are safe. The only thing getting deleted is the Google+ native content. Any pages or groups you might have had will all be deleted.

Google+ had some security breaches recently where 3rd party apps could openly read data on the platform and compromise user’s privacy. The conventional wisdom is that the dual security breaches are responsible for the final shuttering of the service.

If you need to download your data from Google+ you can visit their support page for more information and a step-by-step process of how to get your data.