Due to the coronavirus outbreak most gay pride celebrations have been canceled. This is unfortunate for many reasons. Performers and others who make their money this time of year lose yet another source of income. However, for all those that attend pride, it is a loss of community, and an important once a year time the whole LGBTQ+ comes out to the streets and can be together in safety. For many of those who are freshly out of the closet, have begun transitioning, or changed the way they express their gender or sexuality, pride is a crucible. It’s like the queer version of a debutante ball (not to be confused with the real thing in ballroom culture). This year, many will be unable to go and unable to celebrate in the normal way they might otherwise. So, we here at Rouges invite all our LGBTQ+ readers to please visit our LGBT Desk.

All month long we’ll have some fresh content for you there. We’ve gathered together helpful advice, music, and other amazing things to make your gay pride season just a little more joyous. Keep checking back all month because we’ve got something interesting for you throughout the month. Don’t forget to follow us in Twitter as well for the latest postings to celebrate gay pride.

Given current events, it might seem odd to be rallying around the rainbow flag. However, the struggles of the LGBT movement and the Black Lives Matter movement are not dissimilar. There was a time when LGBT people could be arrested for being who they are and expressing that in public or any space. Sodomy was once illegal throughout the country too. Police brutality was often used. The government ignored the AIDS crisis for years because it was killing an “undesirable” group of people in society. It is fitting and proper that LGBT people stand alongside our brothers and sisters in the Black Lives Matter movement.

It is a difficult time for many and it might be hard to care about things outside our own circumstances. Everyone is still reeling from the Covid-19 crisis. 42 million Americans are currently out of work and many of those jobs may never come back. However, it is often in these times that social change is the most important cause to which we can devote ourselves.

As for Pride, we fully intend to celebrate it alongside you here at Rouges and we hope that you participate in the various online pride events, drag shows, and other events being created in this time of unique crisis in our country.