Sex scenes are starting to change thanks to the #metoo movement. In the past, actors worked out a sex scene among themselves. However, now there are sex scene coordinators that talk about consent and work on what is going to happen in a sex scene that respects boundaries and makes everyone far more comfortable. More movie roles are calling for sex scenes and nudity (hello Game of Thrones?). This means that doing a sex scene can leave both parties feeling especially uncomfortable. Let’s consider, two actors are essentially co-workers who are called upon to perform a facsimile of a very intimate act that normally wouldn’t share. That then has to be in character for the people they are playing. If anything, it’s amazing we’ve come this far without sex scene coordinators. The role is limited for now. There are only a few sex scene coordinators but the demand is growing and it will leave the industry changed forever. This is the face of progress.

Watch this interesting video about the work sex scene coordinators are doing in Hollywood and on Broadway.