Cryptic pregnancies are not terribly common but they do happen. There is about a 1/3200 chance of having one, however, for the women that are that one out of 3200 people, a baby can be a surprise that comes at any time. These women literally don’t know that they are pregnant. Shocking? Yes, for everyone except the baby who knew the whole time but didn’t say anything!

Many women who have children may be in shock. These stories often elicit a statement like, “How do you not know?” Often these women don’t even show, the baby just grows quiet on its own never really revealing that it’s there. For some women, they may even have a light cycle or if they have an irregular cycle, missing one doesn’t really cause alarm.

This video comes from the UK, where this woman was in her hotel and felt incredibly ill, she went to the bathroom thinking that she was sick when suddenly, she gave birth and had to call the ambulance.