Simon Sinek made his name on youtube by saying that Millennials are failing in their careers and in their personal relationships because relationships take time and that a generation used to instant gratification can’t manage to wait long enough for a career or a relationship to finally blossom.

That hurt me to write.

Millennials are now approaching 40. How long exactly does Simon expect people to wait? If you want to have kids, you can’t exactly wait forever to do that. You also don’t want to be finally getting traction in your career in terms of wages until you’re approaching the traditional retirement age.

However, Simon is back again to tell Millennials why we won’t succeed and apparently it involves less free food and beanbags in the workplace and much less technology and much more patience. Of course, the message is the same: too much instant gratification and simply not working hard enough.

If there is one thing this writer is tired of hearing is that Millennials just aren’t working hard enough. Millennials have delayed major milestones in their lives because of financial worries. People can’t afford houses, children, or much of anything else. But instant gratification is the problem. Binge watching TV shows is the problem (instead of waiting week to week like the old days). However, in the same sentence, he then blames the corporations that hire them for being too short-sighted and not caring about the long-term potential of their employees. However, he blames Millennials for being self-interested and not invested in the future.

Perhaps Millennials are simply responding to the world around them. In a culture where you have to change jobs just to get a raise, where is the reason for employees to stick around? Where is the incentive to have loyalty in a corporate world obsessed with short-term numbers and not long-term planning?

Simon likes to level claims at everyday people but doesn’t criticize the world we live nearly enough. I’m sure some of what he says is somewhat true of some people but trying to say it’s the people who are flawed and not the system we live in is shortsighted in and of itself.

Watch below to see what he says: