We would like to offer a very special guest post from elite jewelry designer Andrea Li of Denver, Colorado.

Andrea Li, Jewelry Designer

Custom work is almost universally offered by every jeweler in the industry. In fact, a product pulse survey conducted by National Jewelers of America found that 96% of jewelers polled offered custom services.

These services are often associated with special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays. However there are plenty of reasons to make any day special, regardless of wether it’s a commemorative date. It’s not that momentous moments aren’t a great excuse to splurge – but my favorite reasons come from sensibilities that lay outside of the box:

  • You’re a self-starter and love to spoil yourself
  • You don’t need a special occasion to feel fabulous
  • You have FOMO over a piece that sold and need another that fills that void
  • You love the fact that something was designed just for you
  • You have a passion for fashion and jewelry that can’t be quenched

This isn’t a complete list, but one to tickle the imagination outside of the norm. If we are real, the true reason behind such an emotional purchase such as jewelry is deeply personal.

Jewelry should celebrate ‘you’.

Your identity, your legacy and your future. So whatever reason drives you just know that I got you.

A Love Story

While I love designing my limited collections there’s nothing quite as creatively satisfying as doing custom work. There’s so much intentional thought and time that goes into these pieces. It’s such a privilege to be a part of someone’s personal story. The jewelry I create becomes part of their life’s narrative.

As an artist, there’s nothing more special than that.

Here’s a little peek inside my process of a recent love story that I had the opportunity to contribute a part of my vision to their new chapter together.

ere’s a little peek inside my process of a recent love story that I had the opportunity to contribute a part of my vision to their new chapter together.

Finding a true love in late middle age, a youthful, honest and kind love, discovering life with a beautiful, brilliant, captivating woman. You knew I wanted a ring that embodies those eternal virtues; you knew what it would mean to her. You clearly poured your heart into creating this stunning ring, and in the process, melded my heart with hers. Sheer artistry, sheer magic!”



A mother’s love is so potent and powerful it never leaves you. The memory of her is woven into the very fabric of who you are.

This is especially true for one of my special clients who commissioned me to create a suite of jewelry to honor the memory of her mother.

Some of her fondest memories of them together was strolling through jewelry stores admiring the sparkling baubles underneath the pristine glass and picking out their favorites.

She always had a knack of selecting the most expensive pieces and her mother would tease her for her impeccable taste.

Their shared love for jewelry had always stuck with her and she wanted something to revere those memories.

Here is what we created together. We call it ‘Mother’s Love’.

Andrea made me an incredible set of sculptures in memory of my Mom. Every time I wear these sculptures, I think of my Mom. Andrea’s work is breathtaking. Each piece/sculpture is one of a kind. It is made with hours and hours of work and always with Andrea’s love.”


Almost every jewelry box has pieces that you never wear but you hold on to regardless. Perhaps it’s broken, outdated or just not quite your style but the sentiment associated with it is too important to let it go.

It could simply sit in the bottom of your drawer or you could infuse it with new life to wear and enjoy.

Refactoring old family heirlooms are some of my favorite custom jobs. By infusing modern design sensibilities into historical pieces, I give them a chance to be loved again by their owners.

These works always come away with a new personality and freshness while still retaining what made significant in the first place.

You get the best of both worlds.

Here are some examples of projects like this:

The first is a strand of pearls that was inherited by my client. While she cherished the pearls, the strand was awkwardly long and never seemed right whenever she attempted to wear it. As part of their transformation I doubled up the strand and added a side flourish to give the necklace more individuality with a bit more bling. The result was a classic pearl necklace with a contemporary twist that gave it fresh appeal.

The other two are pendants that I built an entire necklace around. The finished work gave these important pieces center stage surrounded by a chorus of design in which each component felt like it belonged together. One was a large square smoky topaz and the other was a large teardrop labradorite as pictured below.


If you have ever watched Sex In The City , you’ve gotten some insight into the wonderfully enduring nature of female friendships.

My next project celebrates one such relationship that three women have shared for the last 20 years.

Originally forged in the workplace, these ladies have become a dynamo team together outside work, and their success together has flourished for many years now.

The first commission was three custom necklaces for them to wear at their company’s big yearly gala. Each necklace was to be a little bit different since they would all be wearing them together for the big event.

The result was so successful, and made the evening so memorable that I was requested to help them continue the tradition again this year.

This time for three custom earrings meant to make a statement and each containing its own unique personality.

Here’s a video to honor of this particular project and give a little insight into my design process –

We got so many compliments! ”


Why should the ladies have all the fun? Great style should be equally available to all who seek it. After all, some of the most fashionable individuals I know are, you guessed it, men.

Here are some examples of my most recent commissions. So whether you’re a guy who loves looking good or you’re a lady who has a man with great style, I’ve got you covered.