Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Welcome to Rouges Submissions

Thank you for considering what to write for Rouges Magazine. We are a digital-first publication focused on providing our readers with interesting things. We look for the unusual and the strange. We look for things that most people might not come across. In a world of memes, short videos, and other content, we're looking for unique things. It's best to click around a bit and see what we do and how we do it. Remember, our ethos is to "Find Something Interesting."


We look for written content for any of our desks (see menu). We look for a unique perspective on the subject, good research, and well-written pieces that have a cohesive voice. If you have found a book, a creator, photographer, or subject that is interesting and not in the cultural conversation, we welcome that content here. If there is a video element to it, we welcome that especially. the video content need not be your own, another video is great.


We enjoy working with artists of any medium that can be published online. Photos, video, and audio are all welcome.

How to Pitch Us

Please send all materials to submissions@rougesmagazine.com. Please include what desk you think it would fit under and please address your submission to Cameron Cowan. Please include all your material in the body of the email or links to it (reputable sites only please). Please include any social media links (if you have them). Please include a short bio about yourself. Unhappily, we are not a paying market at this time. However, if promotion and exposure are a currency that is valuable to you, then we'd be happy to work with you. If that is not valuable to you at this time, we completely understand and we look forward to working with you in the future.