Susan Boyle made international headlines with her iconic voice in 2009 on Britain’s Got Talent. The Scottish social worker, came on the show in every day clothes, no makeup, and an exciting hair-do. She didn’t look like a pop star, a singer, or anything beyond an everyday Scottish woman. However, once she started to sing she blew the world away.

Since then, she has sold 20 million albums and toured the entire world with her voice singing wonderful classics and new songs. Although she’s not had a hit record since 2014, her Christmas album was well received. She was diagnosed with Aspberger’s and diabetes and has recently boasted great weight-loss. She’s been involved in charity work and helping out her family.

She recently appeared in the America’s Got Talent: The Champions and received the golden buzzer which automatically puts her in the final round. She is one of the fewer singers that Simon Cowell has nothing bad to say about. He’s always been amazed by her and this time, she takes the stage as a diva.