A special Thanksgiving note from Editor-in-Chief Cameron Cowan

We have much to be thankful for here at Rouges! We’ve made it through our first year and we’re grateful for all our readers. We’ve had tremendous success in our first year, more than we hoped for and we’re excited to bring you exciting new content into the new year in 2020. 2019 has been an interesting year and I’ll write more about that in my New Year’s Address. We’re closing out a decade and that is always something worth marking especially.

This thanksgiving I’m reminded of the Thanksgiving I spent abroad in the UK. Most Brits, who of course don’t celebrate, were curious about our strange holiday and I had quite a bit of fun explaining it. All that Thanksgiving story training in elementary school came in handy. Who knew?

I always get reminiscent of thanksgiving past. When I was a child, TV stations would always run great marathons and sometimes there would be a TV special on certain channels. Growing up in Northwest Arkansas we didn’t have cable and so whatever the big 3 put on was what we had to watch for the day. Grandma would make food and we’d usually sit around, play cards, and let the TV run in the background. November isn’t always cold in Arkansas so sometimes we’d be outside too.

This Thanksgiving many people will be on planes, trains, and buses heading home for this holiday. I hope everyone has a safe journey and an enjoyable time with family. For those for whom family may not be available, don’t feel down just because it’s a major holiday and you are alone. Take the day for yourself. Make some good food for yourself and binge watch some great TV.

Most importantly, don’t forget what you are grateful. That’s what Thanksgiving is all about. It’s one day for us to sit in gratitude of what we have all around us. Whether it show we survived a terrible storm (personal, professional, or otherwise) or the fact that we’ve had some smoothing sailing, don’t forget to be grateful, just for this one day.

Happy Thanksgiving dear readers and Happy Anniversary to Rouges!


Cameron Cowan, Editor-in-Chief