Salomondrin is a popular supercar and hypercar youtube personality and owner and in this video, he discusses the potential of electric cars as well as the problem with renewable energy. Electric cars are more practical and are becoming better than their fossil fuel-powered counterparts. The torque off the line is instant and they can easily outrun their older counterparts.

However, one of the downsides of an electric car is that their power source, although cleaner, can still be fossil fuel-powered. The US still uses coal and natural gas to generate most of its electricity. This means that while an individual car may not put out any emissions, the power plant that charged it certainly did. The hope for personal transportation is that electric cars matched with renewable energy sources will lead to a net-zero emission status for cars. However, as Salomondrin demonstrates, we’re a long way from that future.

Watch this video to see some cool cars and the real situation with electric cars and renewable energy.