Donald Trump is in deep denial and it’s all in the stars

As most of my clients know, I am a spiritual astrologer offering perspectives that address soul growth issues which are the foundation for evolving peace and happiness or floundering in frustration. 

The interpretations I offer are derived from the ancient Vedic perspectives on karma, reincarnation, and the moral guidelines for positive soul growth. I offer this perspective on Donald Trump without a partisan political inclination.

This is simply a Vedic karmic interpretation of his astrology chart using the western structure as if I knew nothing about him and only had his birth date, time and location. Yet, most have observed and experienced Trump enough to find this to be an interesting example of how a combined Vedic / western karmic astrology interpretation can be quite insightful into the behavior and moral character of an individual.

Dateline: 1946

Donald Trump was born Friday, Jun 14, 1946 @ 10:54 am Queens NY. Friday is Venus day.  Every day of the week has a planet associated with it. People born on Friday are here to learn and evolve through romantic, creative, friendships, and social relationships. They are naturally attracted to the arts, artists, and cultural expressions, if not being an artist themselves.

1946 is the year of the Fire / Dog.  3 of our recent presidents, Bush, Clinton, And Trump are all born in 3 consecutive months in 1946. Cher was born in May of that year (for reference).

  • Trump: Jun ’46; 
  • W. Bush: July ’46    
  • Clinton: Aug. ’46.   

When one is born in the year of the Dog:  they are here to evolve their ability to communicate idealistic humanitarian/political perspectives or express their idealism through the arts or both. Fire is 1 of 5 element possibilities for each Chinese year. Fire Dog people are the most outgoing, charismatic, activist and/or inspirational.

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Trump is a Gemini

In Western astrology: Trump’s sun sign is Gemini. Unknown to most, one’s sun sign is the primary indicator of the soul growth qualities or attributes one is here to evolve in order to heal negative karma and advance their vibrational level leading to greater inner peace and joy. Yet, the other planetary positions in a persons’ chart may be more indicative of their outer character and personality than there sun sign.

A Gemini is here to evolve their ability to advance their intellectual intelligence, master the organization of information, and effectively communicate honest information that facilitates knowledge, culture, and/or the progress of consciousness. The most evolved Gemini is guided by a heart-centered spiritual practice that gives the insight that wisdom does not come from thoughts in the conscious mind, emotions, or ego. Evolving Gemini’s, are guided by the moral insights of their heart as well as spiritual teachings that demand honesty and truth.

Vedic astrology and western mysticism, are actually quite accurate detailed guidelines for moral integrity and soul growth. Unfortunately, in western countries, especially the United States, astrology has been marginalized to be a form of frivolous entertainment depicting personality traits and fortune-telling horoscopes.

Yet, through thousands of years of evolution Vedic / spiritual astrology reveals: based simply on one’s birth date, time and location, a chart of the configuration of all the planets in signs which reveal in essence one’s spiritual report card in the “School of Life”.  A chart where the configuration of symbols reveal the karma of that individual Or to what extent  the soul in his/her previous lifetimes has aligned their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors with spiritual laws and principles that lend to a greater unity with the love of the universe (God, Krishna, Christ, Buddha Nature).

Humans have free will to choose the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors they wish to engage in their conduct. When those expressions are significantly adverse to the peace, harmony, and progressive consciousness of others, negative karma is generated. 

The primary negative karma a Gemini might engage is mental laziness, over-identification with their conscious mind’s thoughts and ego, cheating or falsifying their intellectual development and/or communicating distortions or exaggerations of the truth if not outright lies.  Geminis’ may also tend to be evasive and fickle. They can tend to be multitaskers but scatter their energy too much and not be deeply effective at anything.

However, people are complex and may at times or in various ways behave with integrity and at other times behave in negative or immoral behavior.  An astrology chart can reveal the potential mix of both positive and negative karma.

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Trumps Primary Positive and Negative Karma

There is some positive karma indicated in the astrology chart of Donald Trump via the Sun Conjunct Uranus in Gemini trine Jupiter Libra sextile Mars Leo.

This configuration of symbols indicates a soul who has lifetimes of boundless self-confidence as well as faith in his ability to affect socio-economic, political or cultural institutions of society.

The primary negative karma in the astrology chart of President Trump comes from his Mercury in Cancer square Neptune in Libra. Since mercury is the most important symbol in the chart of a Gemini, this configuration is highly significant.

It implies the karma of a soul who is intellectually idealistic and believes more in the fantasy of his imagination than an accurate appraisal of the need for communication that serves the greater good in reality. 

The extent that Trump is attached to his ego’s demand to be right and superior, Is the extent to which this karma indicates the potential, if not reality, of being a pathological liar. This aspect is often found in the charts of shrewd CON men who are very perceptive, can read people, and know-how to manipulate them.

The aspect implies an individual who may lie or say anything to influence an issue or situation in their favor. The positive healing transformation of this karma implies that calling to communicate and implement humanitarian compassion for the poor, elderly, or indigent. It also implies practice and study of meditation and spirituality.  

There’s more negative karma in this pattern: Venus Cancer conjunct Saturn Cancer inconjunct Moon Sagittarius.

This aspect implies a soul who has a karma of greed associated with a form of moody emotional immaturity.  Due to lacking skills in consummating honest vulnerability and intimacy in personal relationships, this aspect implies a ruthless drive to attain wealth to attain the delusion of importance, power, and the purchase of sycophantic relationships. It is the aspect of the man who needs wealth, power, and status in order to purchase a TROPHY WIFE. Yet it also implies a man who may view women as sex objects or relations with men or women who can be used for material objectives or advancing social status.

This interpretation has been done objectively & purely on the basis of Trump’s astrological natal chart.  It is not based on anything I have observed or know about Trump.  This interpretation could have been written 1 minute after Trump was born since it is based purely on an interpretation of the symbols of his chart based on his birth date, time, location. 

Your astrological natal chart shows both your positive and negative karma and therefore the potential for how you may manifest your identity.  By getting out of denial regarding ones’ negative karma and the negative attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors potentially expressed, one can embrace the anti-dotal healing attitude/behaviors that advance ones’ soul vibration and lends toward greater peace of mind, joy, and fulfillment. Unfortunately, Donald Trump seems to be flatly in denial.  The current movement of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are activating a direct challenge to Trump’s hold on power as it addresses the issue of his greed and narcissistic self-absorption.

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