The picture in your head of homelessness probably doesn’t include young people. However, young people compromise a not-insignificant part of the homeless population and their stories are truly gut-wrenching. Many of these people come from the foster care system which means their housing ends when they turn 18 or 19 and then they are unceremoniously turned out into the world with little support thereafter. For some, going into the military is their only option to get housing, food and the start of a career.

We’ve compiled two videos from Mark Horvath at Invisible People to illustrate the true cruelty of youth homelessness. While European countries give money to their kids to go to school, we leave ours on the street with no support, no healthcare, and few services to choose from. They then have all the difficulties of homeless people including getting and keeping an ID all the while trying to navigate a cold unforgiving world with little experience because they are young and are still very much learning how this world works.

These stories are important and illustrative of the struggle of homeless people and how America simply does not take care of it’s youth in the way that we should. How much better would this country be if stories like these were made a thing of the past?