When HM Queen Victoria died in 1901, she had been the longest reigning Monarch up to that time, having taken the throne in 1848 following the death of her father, HM King George IV. It was the end of a way of life and the end of an era. Nothing ushered in the new century more than this. The halcyon days of the 19th century were truly gone and a new order was being setup.

She was succeeded by her son HM King Edward VII. However, while 1901 seems like a long time ago, many of the people who lived during her reign and knew her, especially during the later years of her life, were alive well into the 20th century, including her grand-niece, Princess Alice who spoke about the funeral. Queen Victoria’s funeral was one of the first to be filmed, although silent and this clip feature’s some great footage of the procession through London with commentary from HRH Princess Alice.

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