2019 marked the end of the run of the iconic VW Beetle. Although it has an eponymous beginning as the “people’s car” of the Third Reich, after the war was over the small car with its reliable air-cooled engine was the first car for West Germans looking for transportation in the post-war years. the car became quite popular in the United States as well and became an iconic symbol of the 1960s. The Beetle was also popular in Latin America and even in some parts of Asia. The Beetle was also iconic because it didn’t get a major redesign until the late 90s when the new Beetle hit the streets. However, by the time it got that redesign, sales were already falling and when the even newer model arrived in 2013, sales just never recovered. In 2019, VW finally killed off their most iconic model as consumer tastes ultimately had moved on from a two-door, small, compact car.

In this video, BI talks about why one of the most long-lasting and iconic cars finally ended its 80 year run.