Male birth control has been a sort of medical holy grail for some time now. Female birth control has been around for about 50 years but men are just catching up. While female birth control (in it’s early days) used hormones to mimic pregnancy, adjusting male hormones safely to decrease sperm count without ending testosterone production altogether is more difficult. Until recent research, men only had 3 options: abstinence, condoms, or vasectomy. A simply to apply topical gel on the arm or shoulder would be a convenient and reliable way to achieve a goal and stopping pregnancy. Theoretically, if both partners are using responsible birth control, then the risk of pregnancy would be very low. 

The study is unique as well. They are evaluating couples, together, and it’s a long study over the next 2 years. The results are promising as 200 men have already tried the medication with no adverse side effects. The sample size is not large but encouraging. Other trials have been forced to close due to medication being harmful or ineffective. One medication even had adverse mental health effects. 

Female birth control has always been a hot political topic. It’s unclear of men’s birth control will get the same vitriol. 

Would you use this birth control? How would it affect your sex life?