Being a gay man in America has changed over the past 40 years. From Stonewall to RuPaul, the way gay men get to exist in the world has radically changed. Gay men are more open now than ever before. Being any part of the LGBT spectrum is so ubiquitous it is hard to remember that not long ago. Being LGBT was an act of rebellion and often dangerous.

In this really interesting video, the Atlantic matched young gay men with older gay men to talk about the differences between the generations and what it was like to be gay decades ago versus what it is like to be gay now. There is an openly gay man running for president he isn’t a joke. He has masculine, a war veteran and the major of a not-very-gay-friendly place: Indiana. That’s groundbreaking. Will he get the nomination? Time will tell.

The conversations are fascinating and the differences are striking. Much has changed in the culture in the intervening years and this is just a microcosm of it.