The Jonas Brothers were one of the biggest boy bands to bring us into this decade and as we close it out, they are here delivering us great pop music. They’ve grown and changed so much since their 2013 break-up. There is something odd about the strange renaissance of The Jonas Brothers. Can a boy band become a band without the lunch boxes and screaming teenage girls?

In The Beginning There were Three

They started out young and brought out such hits as “Cool” and “Burnin’ Up.” They were masters of teenage proto-sexuality when having your first kiss or having a crush is a new thing and feelings both physical and mental abound. The Jonas Brothers were also well-known for their Christian upbringing and their lack of sexual activity as evidenced by their purity rings. Many parents saw them as ideal role models to show teens that you could be cool and not have sex. Unlike many stars, they weren’t drinking or doing drugs. They made a boatload of cash off music, tours, and merchandise. They appeared on disney channel shows in various capacities. It was reported that they spent quite a bit of it on gaming systems and other items at the time. They were, after all, teenage boys. Fast forward to today and all the Jonas Brothers are married. However, it was a rocky road to get to where they are now.

The Break Up

In 2013, after a 4-year run, the brothers broke up the band. They canceled tour dates and ended the act. There had been disagreements and inter-personal issues for some time and each of them broke off to do solo music. Joe got married, Nick started a solo career, and Kevin went off on his own musical journey. Nick became the biggest star to break out from the band. For a time Kevin didn’t even want to do music and starred in a reality show. Slowly, the brothers Jonas burst back into the pop scene with songs like “Jealous” from Nick and “Cake by the Ocean” from Joe.


The Jonas Brothers launched back into our ears and hearts with their breakout single Sucker. The music video takes place in a huge manse with all their wives in tow. Nick’s wedding to indian actress Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner’s marriage to Joe in Las Vegas made entertainment headlines. Chopra has been on all the talk shows talking up her new films and her man, despite her being 7 years older than him. The renaissance of this band is trying to show the world that they are no longer the chaste boys of the early 2010s, they are now the full-grown men that are still ready to entertain with catchy music. They’ve been on all the chat shows to talk about the break-up and how they got back together which included copious amounts of alcohol and talking out their problems. From the outside look, it seems like everyone had to grow up and actually learn to work together instead of working against each other.

But Do We Still Care About Them?

For a certain generation of women, The Jonas Brothers still represent the perfect boy of their dreams. However, its 2019, they’ve grown up and the world has moved on and so has music. Is there any real demand for their music? The video for Sucker has been viewed 223 million times, more than their previous singles. The numbers seem to show that despite the rather odd nature of this renaissance, The Jonas Brothers are here to stay and they will continue to worm their way into our ears for years to come.