Time is a funny thing isn’t it? We often think about something like the assassination of Abraham Lincoln as being something that happened a long time ago, however, when you consider the lives of actual humans, time seems to almost compress itself down to a minuscule amount.

I’ve got a secret…..

This fun video was aired in 1956 when my Mother was about 1 month old and in this show, “I’ve Got a Secret” the format was similar to the more popular “What’s My Line?” A panel of celebrity guests guess what a person’s profession is. In this show, the guests have to guess what this person may have been involved in or been connected to. The guests get points and follow up questions every time they get something right. This is amazing because the subject of this show, was the last living witness to a major historical event. This was filmed just in time as well because the guest died just 2 months later.

It’s amazing to think that as late as the 1950s, people who had seen things in the 19th century were still very much alive. It’s also amazing to think that this man also lived through the Civil War, both World Wars and the introduction of radio, automobiles, prohibition, automatic weapons, and lived long enough to appear on television!