The iconic 90s film is back with life-life graphics

Disney is keeping it’s trend of live-action re-releases going with The Lion King. They’ve reached back for everything from Beauty and the Beast to Alice and Wonderland. We’re still reeling from the Little Mermaid controversy as everyone prepared to visit a whole new world of that film in the next couple years. This is the most anticipated movie of the summer, especially as it includes Beyonce both as a songstress in a brand-new song and the voice of Nala. Disney is reaching into its prestigious library to recreate films from the past that were cutting edge for its day but pale in comparison to modern technology.

The Lion King will introduce the iconic story to a new generation of kids and leave millennials with fond memories of seeing these stories in theaters for the very first time all those years ago. For the house of mouse, it’s a win-win. Don’t anticipate anything terribly new but the new film will be decidedly less cartoon and more life-like, hence, live-action, although no humans will appear in the film.

The Lion King is an iconic property that has spawned TV shows for Disney and generated one of the longest running and touring Broadway shows. The story is incredibly well-known and many people in their 20s and 30s contributed to the absolutely crazy amount of merchandise that was created for the film. If you were a 90s kid, that Lion King lunch box was a must have.

Beyonce Brings the Spirit

The official video for the new song “Spirit” is out now and features her daughter Blue Ivy prominently. Some say she even steals the show. This is also in advance of a new album that is coming soon to follow up her Lemonade album from 2016.

Lion King opens July 19th in regular theaters with IMAX and 3D available at select theaters everywhere.