During the Great Recession, Chrysler was in deep trouble with debt and sales. Diamler had sold off Chrysler several years before and as an independent company, things were not going well. The reduction auto sales and the tenuous political environment left GM and General Motors in the lurch. GM took a bailout from the federal government and was able to recover. Chrysler took a bail out and was also sold to Fiat in Italy. Together, they formed Fiat Chrysler Autogroup or FCA. As apart of Fiat’s new American adventure, they used the platform to relaunch the Fiat and Alfa-Romeo brands in America. However, things are not going well for the Fiat brand. While Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge move ahead, Fiat and Alfa-Romeo have suffered from sluggish sales.

In this video from CNBC, they explain why Fiat is the italian car company that couldn’t, in America.