Over the past 2.5 years, President Trump has been talking about infrastructure by announcing various “infrastructure week” events that never seem to result in any movement or legislation. However, it is no secret that America’s roads, bridges, and water systems are crumbling and the cost to fix it ranges from $1 Trillion to $3 Trillion.

Anyone? Anyone?

President Trump recently met with Congressional leaders to talk about a proposed $2 Trillion in spending to rebuild America from the ground up. However, instead of having a meeting, he burst out of the meeting into the Rose Garden to declare that he wasn’t going to do anything until they had ceased their investigations. Politics aside, America has needed a major renovation for at least 20 years. The American Society of Civil Engineers has rated our infrastructure a D+. Passing, but not encouraging. All parties need to put aside their differences and get about the business of the most major renovation of this country since the Interstate System.

It’s a Big Job

Fixing our roads and bridges is no easy thing. It involves massive contracts, working with states and local leaders to identify the projects and then also disrupting major parts of America’s cities to bring the concrete, asphalt and rails up to a modern standard.

Our Infrastructure is Holding Us Back

Let’s face the fact. Without our modern highways, things like Amazon 2 day shipping would not be possible. Fast travel by truck, the means by which most goods move, would grind to a halt. The reality is that despite decades of holding together, America’s roads, bridges, water systems, schools, and more are falling apart. The great things that were built in the 1930s-1950s, those systems are finally falling apart.

America has been a competitive nation for decades. We’ve lead the world and have grown to be the wealthiest. However, if we’re going to stay competitive into the 21st century then we need to do many things, not the least of which is rebuilding our national infrastructure.

Our airports are old and falling apart. Many schools need repair and our water system is often poisoning people. This is a crisis that can, and sometimes has, killed people. However, even during times of economic recession, when it would have been a good idea to do such things, the federal government has hesitated. The states cannot afford to do it themselves and if they continue to take it on, it will take far too long to complete everything that is needed. This national renovation is an opportunity.

Make America Green Again

One of the great things that can be done during our great national renovation is the opportunity to bring our roads, airports, bridges, and schools up to modern green standards. Buildings can be made energy efficient. Airports could be LEED certified and roads can use sustainable materials and be made safer with modern signs, indicators, and other safety protocols. Every day that President Trump and Congress delays, the problem becomes bigger and more expensive and opportunity slowly slips away.

Keeping America Moving

This PBS News Hour video discusses the challenges and the very real need to make sure that the built world, on which we all rely, continues to serve people and business well into the future.