Over the Christmas Holiday, Donald Trump finally managed to visit some troops in a war zone. The President visited Iraq and Germany to see troops. He famously skipped the trip in 2017. However, he can’t even seem to accomplish that. While taking the trip, he knowingly let the government partially shut down on Christmas Eve with a promise he would not continue the financing of the government until he got $5 Billion for a border wall on the southern border despite the fact that many experts agree, it will not work.

Planes……we always forget about planes!

Over the past month, the President has made mis-step after mis-step. From shutting down the government, holding millions of people like government workers, food stamp beneficiaries, sub-contractors, and national park visitors hostage, to turning a troop visit into a campaign stop (which is against military code and dangerously blurs the line between politics and the military), the President can’t seem to do anything right. He cannot seem to perform the basic functions of the job.

We can go on about his many scandals that would sink any other President and the many bad policies he has tried to implement (Muslim ban anyone?) but the fact remains clear: he cannot execute the basic functions of the Presidency. According to his official schedule (when they bother to publish one), his day is mostly filled with time in front of the TV. White House staffers have asked Fox News to talk about certain stories so that he will actually pay attention. He has recruited people off television to work in the administration and his cabinet and staff positions have been a revolving door of people. Just ask Anthony Scaramucci who divested of his business to serve just 11 days in the administration. He can’t even appoint a clean Supreme Court Justice. Remember the Kavanaugh affair?

2 years into this presidency, it’s easy to harp on indictments and scandals and pray daily to your home shrine to Robert Mueller. However, the simple fact remains: he’s an ineffective president and cannot do the job. He can’t keep the government open without holding millions hostage for his own campaign promise and he will cause economic damage and unnecessary suffering for his own selfish desire for a concrete (or metal slat) wall that will not work. It won’t keep out terrorists (they only captured 6 at the southern border according NBC News published January 7) and it won’t decrease illegal immigration. Overland immigration immigration has been on the decline for the better part of a decade anyway.

The mis-steps seem to happen daily and no one in the White House seems to want to change or care and that is something that should be on the mind of all voters heading into 2020. Unless the House decides impeachment isn’t such a bad word after all.