CORRECTIONS: An earlier version of this article had a few errors that we’d like to correct. Mrs. Betty Bowers is not a drag comedian, she is a wonderful comedienne from Canada. Mr. Weinstein’s youngest son was at the Air Force Academy and made those quotes, not his oldest and Jesus Guns in a subtitle was corrected to Jesus Rifles. 

“To be an effective civil rights leader, it’s not to be the pearl in the oyster, but the irritant in the oyster that causes the pearl to form.”

Mikey Weinstein, MRFF Founder and President

In 2020, we don’t need yet another crisis, however, we have uncovered a terrible crisis that puts all Americans at risk and this crisis, like most things under the Trump administration, has sped up under the President’s leadership. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is leading a quiet war against the unconstitutional time, place, manner, and deployment of faith in the US Military. MRFF helps members of the military who are offended by the religious practices of other military members and helps them find relief when that religious practice makes them feel uncomfortable serving in the role of the armed forces.

The biggest fight that MRFF takes on is against the dominionist  christian take over of the military which founder Mikey Weinstien says is a national security threat. I was shocked, as was the staff of this publication, at this story. This story was reported to us by a reader and through a Youtube video from the popular comedienne, “Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian.” The fact that active religious prostylzing and evangelical recruitment is going on in the military with major back from organizations like the Family Research Council, Campus Crusade for Christ, and other organizations is troubling. This is a national scandal that should be on the radar of every American and yet, even for those of us that deliver the news, it’s a story that has not received the necessary attention.

In this special feature, I will be personally reporting on the work of MRFF, dominionist christianity and the political implications it has for everyone. When christians are weaponzing their religion, often at tax payer expense and tacit government endorsement, on impressionable soldiers, it deserves attention. Politically, knowing that there are a group of extremist Christians who are attempting a mass take over of the armed forces for their own holy war and modern crusade is chilling. 

Big Confessional Time 

To begin, I have to reveal something about myself to the reader. Long-time readers of my personal work at will know that I grew up evangelical and fundamentalist. I am very familiar with much of this doctrine and rhetoric. I read popular books like Left Behind when I was in high school which fictionalized the end times prophecies of revelation. I grew up reading the Bible on a daily basis and believing that by being saved that my eternal life was assured. I was baptized when I was 9 (full immersion for those that know about all that) and I was active in our church’s worship team as a musician. I witnessed to others, helped cut and bind the gospel for distribution, handed out tracts, and participated in a variety of outreach as a teenager. I also attended TeenPact conferences where the next generation of evangelical political leaders were honed. I was raised a Republican and worked in Republican politics until 2011.

I very briefly attended Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, Florida before being have my acceptance rescinded for approaching leadership with my homosexual feelings. I was confused. I was taught that being gay was worse than pretty much anything and despite my attraction to women (which continues to this day) I still had feelings for other men (which also continues, I’m a proud bisexual). I was degraded, humiliated, and treated like I was a threat. My personal possessions were searched including my laptop and I was interviewed by a council of men who determined that I was just no longer a fit for the institution. There are many Christian colleges across the country with the same policies and they get away with it because they don’t take federal funds. As a result of this, I left the church when I was 18 and I have never looked back. I did not have many friends from that world but a few who have also left have reached out to me, most have not. For me, I lost my whole view of the world and a foundation for how I thought the world worked. My future plans as a musician evaporated in an afternoon and I had to reset my whole life in the months after. 

I tell you this to let you know how I approach this topic. It is very hard to explain evangelicalism and its fundamentalist sects to people who did not grow up in that world. I did and so I bring an understanding to this topic that you’ll not find in other reporting. The story that I am telling you today is disturbing. To find out in this piece that the church I grew up in has essentially co-opted the US Military was disturbing and troubling. This is the story of how dominionist Christians set their sights on taking over the military-industrial complex and transforming it to be their tool from within. What is even more shocking is almost no one on the Left knows what’s going on and it is the biggest national security risk that we have today. 

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein

How Mikey Weinstein Pulled on the Thread

On February 4, 2004, The Passion of the Christ was released in theaters. The film was accepted with wide acclaim. It is a beautiful film and shows the Christian tradition of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in its most gory form. This also corresponded with the beginning of the MRFF. At the time, Mr. Weinstein’s children were attending the United States Air Force Academy. After the film came out, other cadets began attacking them for their Jewish heritage. 

In the film, Constantine’s Sword (2007), Mr. Weinstein recounts the story of his youngest son approaching him in July of 2004 and telling him that he was going, “beat up the next guy that calls me a fucking Jew.” Both of his sons were at the academy at the time and his other son reported that this was how the Academy was now. Mr. Weinstein was surprised, as a graduate of the academy in 1977, that this sort of attack was commonplace. Is the Air Force Academy really a place where leadership can allow cadets to accuse Jewish cadets of being responsible for killing Jesus Christ?

After fighting for 22 months with no organization and going through such a terrible ordeal as a family, MRFF was formed out of that fight. What Mr. Weinstein found is that these attacks were not one-off incidences. There was a culture of this at the Air Force Academy and it went deeper than just this film of these incidences. The Air Force culture had been co-opted, in a sense, to favor a certain type of Christianity, evangelical Christianity, and a particular sect of that large movement, dominionist Christianity. 

Weinstein is an interesting character. He is a graduate of the Air Force academy himself (1977) and while agnostic, still prays in Hebrew daily (3 times a day to be exact) and celebrates traditions from his Jewish heritage. He went on to be a JAG lawyer in the Air Force and also worked in the Reagan White House as a lawyer. He left public service to work for Ross Perot (remember him?) and Perot industries. He now lives out west in New Mexico where he works daily on defending the civil rights of sailors, airmen, soldiers, and marines. 

He carries himself with a sort of confidence that belies his military bearing and training. It’s not obvious at first that he is a lawyer but once he gets talking, it comes out. He has an intense energy that comes across, even over our phone interview. In pre-search done by the staff here at Rouges, we watched his interviews with people like Dan Rather and Cenk Uyghur. He was more measured with them while I struggled to get a question in edgewise. Fortunately, he managed to touch on all the points that I wanted to talk about. He describes himself as a firefighter. When members of the military call with a violation of their civil rights, he’s right there on the phone. It was fairly significant that I managed to talk with him for 2 hours without interruption. He admitted that the emails and texts were piling up. We had scheduled 30 minutes and instead had talked for two hours. According to him, he liked talking to me and I do have that effect on people. 

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation has served 71,000 people, 95% of whom are Christian. The other 5% are people of other faiths. 3/4 of MRFF’s clients are protestant of various dominations and the other 1/4 of the Christian clients are Roman Catholic. They are endorsed by the California Council of Churches Impact organization. Their core mission is to fight a truly massive proselytizing corporate parachurch complex.  They don’t always fight evangelicals, they did have to fight a militant atheist once but 99% of the problem is this new brand of militarized Christianity. But the case of the militant atheist doesn’t get the press that the cases against dominionists get. Pat Robertson and Fox News aren’t going to cover that sort of thing. 

Blowback and Hate Mail 

Take Notice Traitors of the MRFF:

We are turning your names into the Department of Homeland Security to be duly prosecuted for bringing terrorism to Christian US armed forces members all over the world.

President Trump and his staff will ensure your arrest, trial and, conviction for sedition and treason.

The first to be executed by the State for these crimes against America’s military after his conviction will be the jew Mickey Weinstein. Followed by all of the rest of you.
You all better lawyer up fast.


45 Patriotic American Christians Who Love Our Military

Mikey Weinstein has suffered some terrible blacklash from his work. His home is basically a fortress complete with some very vocal German Shepherds who alerted at least 3 times during our call. He has had swastikas painted on his home, dead animals left on his doorstep, and his tires slashed. People have trolled for assassins against Mikey and his family online in the hopes that someone would take it upon themselves to kill him and his children. He has suffered terrible threats including prayer groups that have prayed for women involved in MRFF to develop untreatable breast cancer and for the men to develop rectal cancer. It’s not clear why those chose rectal cancer for the men but that was what was stated. Others have said that they have prayed for Mikey to have a heart attack due to this work and to die in such a way that he crashes his car into his own family while at home. As a result of these threats, Mr. Weinstein is followed by security, especially when in the state of Colorado. 

I read through 115 pages of the hate mail that has been received to MRFF as a result of his work and some of the statements are normal internet bluster but others are truly disturbing and include racial epithets. This particular piece of hate mail (quote above) arrived and was forwarded to us by the foundation during the process to create this piece.

MRFF Successes

MRFF works daily to protect members of the military from religious persecution but a few incidences stand out and demonstrate the religious culture that has become pervasive in the military, particularly in the Air Force. 

Franklin Graham Speech at the Pentagon

Franklin Graham, son of the evangelist Billy Graham was invited to speak at the Pentagon with an event organized at tax payer’s expense. For an organization that should represent no religion, this sort of thing goes on regularly. Franklin Graham is openly against abortion and homosexuality. However, in this instance, it was comments about Islam that led MRFF to lead the charge in getting him canceled from the event. When Muslim soldiers are in the military someone who comments that, “True Islam cannot be practiced in this country, You can’t beat your wife. You cannot murder your children if you think they’ve committed adultery or something like that, which they do practice in these other countries.” It wasn’t an off-hand comment either, it was on CNN. 

Fort Rucker and the Crusaders

Although there have been several instances where MRFF has stepped in to remove religious symbols and names from flight squadrons and military equipment, the case of Fort Rucker stands out because one of the flight squadrons was painting crucifixes on airplanes and helicopters. This only reinforces a holy war narrative in Afghanistan and Iraq. MRFF made them change their symbols and name to something properly neutral and non-religious. Keep this idea in mind, because the idea of a holy war also plays into more information that we will continue to learn in this story. 

An Open Bible

An officer named had a common policy of meeting his subordinates with an open bible on this desk. He openly proselytized to people serving under him and certainly having a religious text open can be an uncomfortable experience, especially if there is a culture of an approved religion in the armed forces. A fact that is becoming ever more clear. However, this is another instance where MRFF stepped in to have his superiors end this practice. 

Gay conversion therapy scandal with Dr. Rosebush

It is not surprising that within the dominionist Christian environment, LGB (trans people excluded due to military policy, not due to any specific exclusion) people are not exactly welcome. In 2013, MRFF spearheaded the exposure of gay conversion therapy going on at the Air Force Academy. Dr. Mike Rosebush, who had been previously associated with the controversial Focus on the Family, was performing the pseudoscientific gay conversion therapy.

As an ex-gay conversion therapist, Dr. Rosebush would see cadets who were gay and try to convince them that they should be straight in accordance with his Christian belief system. The MRFF client that brought this to the attention of MRFF reported that, “Those of us who are LGB live in the worst fear of being outed at any moment and suffering for it. Maybe Rosebush can magically make us all ‘ungay’? Do you know how it makes us feel to know that our school has a man like that here? And how many other Rosebushes are here?”

“Why would a quack ‘ex-gay therapist’ with decades of experience doing that kind of quack ‘ex-gay’ therapy be hired to oversee anything, much less the mandatory counseling program for all U.S. Air Force Academy cadets?”

Rachel Maddow

Instead of living by “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” and later with an open acceptance of LGB members of the military, the Air Force Academy openly hired this man and let him loose on young, impressionable cadets. MRFF put up billboard around Colorado Springs exposing this and the scandal made national headlines. Dr. Rosebush eventually left the Air Force Academy. 

MRFF focuses a great deal of its attention on garnering media attention and lawsuits. One of the things the department of defense is afraid of is exposure in the media and federal courts. MRFF uses these tools to defend its clients and attempt to expose the dominionist take-over of the armed forces. They do this quite effectively. In preparation for this interview, their publicist dumped several links to me of press releases, videos, and other material outlining their work in a variety of cases. Learning about all of this and learning about the daily and often hourly fight that MRFF does on behalf of soldiers tasked me to look at the bigger picture. How did this all start? Why are these people trying to take over the military? 

1972: The Rise of Evangelicals

Evangelicals, unlike Catholics or other dominations believe that they need to covert as many people as possible and spread the word of God. Catholics don’t tend to approach people door-to-door looking for converts, Evangelical mega-churches on the other hand use every aspect of media to spread their own version of Christianity. This group has built mega-churches and some very important brands based on their simple but incredibly judgmental, often racist, and restrictive version of Christianity. Evangelicals promote things like not have sex before marriage, dressing modestly, regularly witnessing to others, abstaining from drugs and alcohol, resisting homosexual urges and feelings, and following a literal interpretation of the Bible.
Leaders within the movement have published everything from guides on marriage and Christian dating to “Bible-based” financial advice (like Dave Ramsey and the late Larry Burkett among others). Like many young people who grew up in that world, I was taught these biblical financial principles from a young age. To this day, my parents hardly use credit cards and operate on a cash-only basis as advised by people like this. This financial advice also plays into the prosperity gospel aspect of evangelicalism. God gives money to those who follow his word. 

It is difficult to imagine American politics without the evangelical movement today. The movement is overwhelmingly white. However, many church-going people before the 1972 election, in fact, were not a voting block and voted in a diverse way. A methodist in Kansas might vote republican, a baptist in the south would vote Democrat, a Presbyterian in Iowa might vote democrat or republican depending on their mood. However, in 1972, Richard Nixon and his merry band of fellows and crooks realized that they could win in 72 and beyond if they did two things: give racist southerners, unhappy with the march of civil rights in the previous decade, a new political home and mobilize, what he would later go on to call, “The Great Silent Majority” of church-going conservative religious people. He admitted that their takeover of the party would be a bad thing but we know that Nixon was far more focused on winning and power than any long-term considerations. Barry Goldwater had tried this strategy in 1964 but the timing wasn’t quite right just then and Johnson was too powerful a force to really overcome. By mobilizing those groups, Nixon earned a decisive victory in 1972 and evangelical Christians would go on to influence elections in both local and national politics to come. When we think about the political movements of evangelicals, most associate it with Ronald Reagan in 1980, but that was merely the next major victory, the only way Reagan got into power was on the foundation that Nixon had set up for him 8 years before. 

Since 1980, the evangelical vote has been a powerful force in Republican politics and America writ large. This voting block has elected 4 presidents in 40 years and multiple House and Senate majorities. Because of their ability to vote consistently and raise money democrats have never been able to really counterbalance their potent efforts. There isn’t a left-wing version of the evangelical movement. 

The Family and C Street

Among Republican circles in Washington, it is more than an open secret that much of the wheeling and dealing in Washington happens along C Street. It’s where many congressman keep with DC residences, however, there is a particular house for “men of faith” where careers in government seem to skyrocket. The organization that owns that house is known as The Family or The Fellowship. This same organization hosts the annual National Prayer Breakfast which is one of the most important and sought after invitations in the Washington society calendar. The breakfast is truly where the elite, meet to eat. Until very recently the organization was run by a man named Doug Coe. You’ve never heard of him, most people haven’t. He died  in 2017 and he was widely known as the stealth Billy Graham but instead of going after the general public, his ministry was for people in power. The philosophy was simple: everyone is willing to love the sheep but who is going to love the wolf?

They accomplish this by preaching a doctrine of Jesus + nothing. They even print a special Bible that says “Jesus” on the front. This philosophy posits that if you believe in Jesus, it doesn’t really matter what else you do in life, like have an affair or vote for questionable legislation or support war. Simple belief is all that matters. Belief makes one holy and like King David, you can make mistakes and still be the man after God’s own heart. Political affiliation doesn’t matter, drug and alcohol use doesn’t matter, living a virtuous Christian life doesn’t matter; Doug Coe used this simple doctrine to recruit members of Congress and presidents to provide them the necessary religious solace they needed while making decisions. This also made him a very powerful man.

The Fellowship is smart too, they target members of Congress and the White House years before they get elected to office. In the popular Netflix documentary, “The Family,” a reporter talks about his time at a place called Ivanwald, which is a sort of training ground where young men go to learn about God and prepare for the leadership roles of tomorrow. The Christian straight, male, white, privilege runs deep in this world. It should be noted that they target young men, not young women and during their stay, they are implored to live by some benign Christian values like not having sex (because having sex before marriage is bad). In the documentary, they do manage to have some social time with other “good” girls to help them meet their future wives. Watching the re-enactments is like watching some sort of modern 1950s courting ritual. But that is what it is like to be involved in these sorts of circles. They have long advocated for a return to pre-1960s social mores. 

The Family/Fellowship is also connected to organizations like Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs (near the Air Force Academy) and other evangelical think tanks like the Family Research Council. All of these organizations lead the charge against social progress like LGBT marriage and rights, reproductive rights, and often racial issues like Black Lives Matter. This resistance to much of the social change that has happened over the latter half of the 20th century and well into the 21st has expanded beyond merely fighting political fights over social issues and now extends into bringing a sort of theocracy to the United States and eventually to the whole world. Dominionist Christianity takes the end-times obsession of evangelicalism and turns it into action for a new kind of Christian military crusade. 

Dominionist Christianity

Dominionist Christianity is a weaponized version of Christianity. Within the evangelical movement, Mikey Weinstein describes the division of Christianity this way: there are mainstream protestant denominations and then there are evangelicals; of evangelicals there are fundamentalists and of those fundamentalists an even smaller group are dominionist. The overarching power of evangelicals in politics is only 40 years old but the fundamentalist Christianity idea stretches back to the mid-1850s.

For dominionist Christianity, claiming the whole planet, beginning with America, for Christ is the primary aim. They believe in “7 Mountains” doctrine and that they should have dominion over all aspects of public life from the government to entertainment and that all of those things should align with biblical values. Some writers like R. J. Rushdoony and D. James Kennedy believe that parts of Levitical Old Testament law should also be reinstituted. Under this idea, adultery would be a death sentence along with homosexuality. Despite this Christian Reconstructionism philosophy, there is also quiet anti-semitism within the movement and Christianity as a whole that can be quite troubling.

Anti-semitism within Christianity is not a new thing. Christians attacking jews, ostensibly for killing the Christ, began in 300s. By the 9th century, when the crusades were getting underway, Jews in Europe were being attacked. Fast forward another 500 years to the Spanish Inquisition in Spain and Jews once again came under attack by the Inquisition for being heretics. The conversion of jews and other anti-jewish sentiment extends through the ages of the religion to modern evangelicals as well despite their overwhelming support of Israel. The Jewish remarks that were experienced by Mr. Weinstine’s children often stem from Christian Reconstructionism that believes that the Jews are no longer God’s chosen people but that has been transferred to Americans.

Evangelical beliefs are steeped strongly in the prophecy of the end times. Mr. Weinstein cites a popular prophecy from dominionist thought that they will be rewarded with a 200-mile long river 4.5 feet deep of the blood of Jesus’ avenged enemies resulting from the battle of armageddon. 

This philosophy of national domination of all institutions stands in direct conflict with the secular nature of the 1st amendment of the US Constitution which states, “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” This language regarding establishment caused Thomas Jefferson to write a very famous letter in which he used an oft-repeated phrase, “separation of church and state.” The Founders lived in a world where the church and state were closely linked. In England church and state are inextricably linked. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth is also the head of the Church of England. The British monarch has served in that role since the time of Henry VIII. The first amendment was created to separate the new republic from any sort of religion. This separation has allowed every religion on the planet to flourish within the United States. The government does not spend taxpayer funds on a church or its upkeep. Some European nations continue that tradition to this day.

In the context of MRFF, dominionist Christians who are openly proselytizing within the military focus much on free exercise but often don’t focus on the establishment portion of the amendment. In the context of the military, they believe that it is the right of evangelical members of the military to express their religion anywhere and anytime.

For officers, whose job it is to command their troops and also be mindful of their well-being, this can be overwhelming for young soldiers, sailors, airmen, or marines who believe that they have to do what their officers tell them, its how the military works. In the military, when an officer issues a lawful order, it is to be followed without question. Imagine the pressure on a young cadet when their superior officer is pressuring them to join a certain religion or change their own intrinsic Christianity to their unique brand of Christianity. From a military perspective, there is a compelling government interest in creating good order, morale, and unit cohesion, creating an approved religion destroys that cohesion. Dominionist Christianity is eroding the readiness of the military leading to a huge national security threat.

How the Dominionists Snuck up on the Left

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities — Voltaire

The military is a communal, ritualistic, and tribal environment that is based on community and togetherness, this means that it is nearly impossible for individuals members to stand up for themselves because then they become a target and their career in the military can come to a quick end. 

When I asked why the Left hasn’t made this a top priority his statement was simple: “People on the Left don’t really understand the military.” This statement might be shocking to some but the reality is that in a post-Vietnam environment where the entire military is an all-volunteer and recruited force, the reality is that often the children of poor parents seek out military service for advancement both professionally and economically. Young people from red, republican-voting states, are more likely to enter the armed forces than young people who live in blue, democrat-voting states. This also contributes to the ability of dominionists to take over the military.

Many of today’s soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines already have grown up in an evangelical environment. These young people are ripe for the picking for dominionist ideology. MRFF estimates that 28-34% of members of the military are dominionists. For such a small group this is an unbelievable concentration. Believing in evangelical ideology is the first step. It is not a far leap from “spread the gospel all over the earth” to “use force and violence to spread Christianity all over the globe.” 

Most people don’t think too much about America’s military academies. Annapolis, West Point, and the U.S. Air Force Academy, are elite institutions that grant 4 year degrees. The only difference is that they educate and create the next generation of the officer corps that commands and controls the U.S. Military. Unless, someone has a child seeking a congressional appointment to an academy, most people just don’t think about them that much. However, it is important to remember that these places are college campuses with a layer of military discipline on top. Obviously the standards of behavior are higher than the average college student but these young people are still 18-22 year old young people at an impressionalbe age who have chosen to spend their lives doing something important and that is greater than themselves. They choose to do this. 

Most people on the Left have grown used to the slow march of a secular society. The religiosity of millennials and Gen Z has steadily decreased and major decisions like Obergefell have lulled many into a false sense of security when it comes to a secular and non-religious society. The march of separating church and state began in 1962 with Engel v. Vitale, one of the major supreme court decisions that decided that required or compulsory prayer in school was the establishment and could not be allowed. Until that time various school districts said some sort of, usually protestant, prayer every day. 

Liberals don’t know about this and they need to fight for the secular society that we’ve grown too used to having. this fight extends far beyond simple identity politics, dominionists are proposing a completely Bible-based society that will be predominantly white, straight, and led mostly by men. Changes in the military are already starting with policies like instruction DoD 1300.17 which endorses a superior telling his subordinates about Jesus and proselytizing to their troops. MRFF hired a lobbyist to go after these policy changes in Congress and the lobbyist quit because no one in Washington wanted to take on the slow take over of evangelical christianity within the government. The votes of evangelicals are simply too powerful, even among democrats.

We on the Left have grown too used to living in a progressive secular society that, while not supported by everyone, has been marching forward for 70 years. The GOP has found an incredibly violent way to subvert all that progress and possibly enforce their own backwards ideas and religion on everyone. It is time to fight back but first we have to fully understand what exactly we are fighting against. 

The New Right and the Military

These people are looking at packing military leadership with these armed Christians. Evangelicalism has become the approved religion and it appears that in some cases promotions can be recommended or rescinded on this basis. It looks like, on the outside that these evangelical elements are trying to turn the US military into an institution for a holy war and create a sort of white, christian ethnostate. The racial overtones of this are already present in MRFF’s work. In a major victory in the past decade they managed to get some nazi symbology removed from a special sniper unit that were using the SS Symbol. This closely aligns with the goals of the paramilitary militias, who violence and power has been on full display during the Covid crisis. A unification of these dominionists and militia groups could be dangerous. That alliance would create a nearly unstoppable force to grease the wheels of government leading the US into a dangerous both domestically and internationally. These groups would roll back the rights of anyone who didn’t align with their specific values. 

This closely aligns with the national conversation we’ve been having all summer regarding race and America. President Trump has unleashed the terrible racist attitudes that have always bubbled beneath the surface and he has used them to gain the Presidency but also to divide the country for his own benefit. This president thrives on chaos and is throughly enjoying watching the Left and Right fight each other, often in the streets. Much of the President’s appeal is in promoting white people over other racial groups who live in the United States. The US is changing demographically and much of the support of Trump was his dog-whislting rhetoric trying to stop that change (or at least make sure that white people keep all the power). Even as recently as the Supreme Court nomination, the words “minority-rule” have been featured in many prominent videos because much of what the GOP is doing right now is to make sure that even if America gets more brown, white people will maintain political power, no matter what. This dominionist take over of the military is part of that desire to keep and maintain power. 

Jesus Rifles and Jesus Nukes

Dominionist ideology is extending to military hardware. The dominionist desire for violence and their obsession with weapons has already infiltrated the armed forces. This sort of holy war, that they want to start, can only be waged with weapons and preferably the most powerful and well-financed weapons of war available. Who has those weapons? The United States Military of course.  Two things stand out that show that this agenda has already been underway: Jesus nukes and Jesus rifles. 

According to Mr. Weinstein, he firmly believes that it is not outside the realm of possibility that dominionists within the military could very well start a nuclear war to advance their endtime agenda. Until recently, and for the past 20 years, nuclear weapons officers training at Vandenberg Airforce Base in California were shown a presentation on the ethics of nuclear war. On the surface this might seem like a good idea however the presentation was so steeped in evangelical religion that officers jokingly referred to it as the “Jesus loves nukes presentation.” In the presentation they cited  St. Augustine and openly taught the Christian Just War Theory. Just War Theory is studied in political science circles but as a poilcy, not as a religious device. For 20 years, the Air Force, without anyone in the Pentagon really knowing, was teaching its nuclear officers that perhaps, in the name of God, the US might need to use its nuclear weapons. If dominionist military leaders want to breed unquestioned response to religious motivation, this is the sort of way that you do it. Slowly and over time. This story made headlines but was never the scandal that it should have been. 

It’s not just nuclear weapons training where this is going on, it already happening on battlefields around the world. Trijicon, the chick-fil-a of defense contractors, was caught shipping scopes for rifles with Bible verse inscribed on the metal near the serial number. These scopes were shipped to the US Military and even the Israeli Defense Force. Elders in Afghanistan were incensed that our troops were in their country to start with but now they were shooting the enemy with essentially religious equipment. Once again, these covert actions reinforce a holy war narrative at the US taxpayer expense. 

The Response to the New Holy War

This story has shades of a political thriller. It has all the pieces, corporations on the loose, secretive organizations, and one man standing against money and power. The fact that there’s a religious veneer over the whole thing would make this story a bestseller. However, this is real life and real lives are at stake. Unless we all want to live in a theocracy, which is the very real threat posed by what we’ve learned on this journey together, one question stands out: how do we fight dominionist Christianity?
Mr. Weinstein advises that we should not attack people of faith because people of faith are afraid of secular humanism. They fear living in a society that doesn’t directly reflect their values. They want to look outside their window and see their values reflected and the reality is that our society is becoming less and less like that.

The focus of MRFF and the focus of the politically-minded must be the same: to fight for secular civil liberties more than ever before. We cannot take our secular society for granted. It is something that must be assiduously defended at all times. Anytime anyone tries to push their beliefs onto others without their consent and especially within the government sphere, we need to counter-attack. The Department of Defense must also be brought back to proper civilian control and be reminded that they too are a government entity and must abide by the secular rules that should rule our entire society. This will take time and it will take effort but thanks to organizations like the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, defending secularism is possible. Perhaps Biden was right: we are fighting for the soul of America.