Apple has rolled out a brand new, much thinner iPad pro alongside a new Apple Pencil. The new model sports a plug for the pencil but in a recent bend test from a popular Youtube tech review channel shows that those who purchase the new tablet may want to also immediately buy a sturdy case for it. 

Previous models have been fairly thick and somewhat heavy. Apple seems to have solved that problem with the lighter model that is closer to the thickness of the new iPhone. People don’t put tablets in their pockets but tablets do live in other dangerous places like backpacks and briefcases. Our advice? Stop by the cases section at the Apple store and just buy a case right away. These devices are expensive and this one seems more than a little delicate. No one expects the iPad to be mil-spec but a certain amount of durability should be expected in a device that costs over $1,000. 

Don’t let the bend test put you off the new iPad, it sports tons of the new features pulled over from the iPhone XR and other devices and many people have remarked on how easy it is to use. It’s the really the first major update to iPad that we’ve had in awhile. Have you got your hands on the new tech?