Lincoln is a brand that for most of the early 20th century had lost its way. For quite a while, Lincoln’s were just rebadged Fords with some extra luxuries or worse yet, they’d bring in something from Ford Europe and try to make it work in America. As Cadillac raced ahead, Lincoln just seemed to flounder. But now, Lincoln has found its stride with the new Continental.

Lincoln is not just focusing on big luxurious cars either. They are also looking to dominate the luxury SUV market as well. The new Aviator and Navigator are exciting and new and to round out their offerings, Lincoln is now offering the small but roomy Corsair.

The best thing about this SUV besides the stunning interior is that I actually like it and I hate most SUVs. The grille is flashy and the car is actually good which is a nice perk. The proportions aren’t crazy and the overall design is just nice to look at. This is rare for an SUV.

Here’s a first look from Redline at the Detroit Auto Show: