The Nikon D70 was released in August of 2008, the camera I reviewed was purchased close to that date originally making it 12 years old! The D70 we are reviewing now was bought by my grandpa brand new, and I bought it from him as my first jump into the digital world, but before we go into the full review, let’s go over specs.

Body typeMid-size SLR
Max resolution3008 x 2000
Effective pixels6 megapixels
Sensor sizeAPS-C (23.7 x 15.5 mm)
Sensor typeCCD
ISOAuto, 200 – 1600
Lens mountNikon F
Focal length mult.1.5×
Articulated LCDNo
Screen size1.8″
Screen dots130,000
Max shutter speed1/8000 sec
Storage typesCompact Flash (Type I or II)
USBUSB 1.0 (1.5 Mbit/sec)
Weight (inc. batteries)1.50 lb
Dimensions5.51 x 4.37 x 3.07″

The Nikon D70 is a crop sensor DSLR with a megapixel rating of 6.1. It uses compact flash cards for memory over an SD card. They are all over Ebay between 50-100 dollars, which to me is a really great deal for its capabilities.

            Let talk about the cons. It has very limited low light capabilities, with an ISO range of 200-1600 ISO it doesn’t offer the low abilities you see in modern DSLRs but that doesn’t hamper what it can do with proper lighting! It’s a bit difficult to use one handed as it’s heavier than a modern camera and the controls aren’t as simply laid out. Another limitation is the size of cards you can use in the camera. Since its an older camera, any Compact flash card over 2 gigabytes wont work as the camera will not read the card. Also due to the cameras age, it is only 6 megapixels.

            Time for some Pros. Its cheap. Dirt cheap, ranging from 50-100 dollars the camera can be picked up very cheap. The image quality is absolutely amazing (I’ll have examples posted below). Not only that but the camera uses the standard Nikon F mount (so basically any and all Nikon DSLR lenses can be used on this camera.) Now this last bit is super exciting, especially with the ability to use those older film lenses, as the Nikon D70 has a build in Focus motor!!! That allowed me to use my older Tamron film lens to take some of the photos I took for the review!

            So overall, at this price point, and the quality of the images it takes, I would recommend one to any new photographer, or anyone looking for a cheap reliable daily camera! For my full video review, and a video on how to use the Nikon D70, check out these two links!!!