Who The Hell is Onision?

Born Gregory James Daniel and perhaps known as James Jackson, Onision run a popular YouTube channel that has been around for over a decade. He went viral the first time for dancing in a banana suit and acting crazy. From then on his channel grew to tens of millions of viewers. He is truly one of the interments original “it” boys. He has dashing good looks at nearly any weight he keeps himself. He usually sports a short hair cut and a bit of a scruff of beard. Faint scars from teenage acne can be seen in some of his videos depending on how he does or does not cover them. Thin lips and a furrowed brow often make him seem more serious than he would otherwise be perceived. His is an author of several books in the fantasy genre but his most well-known for his YouTube channel. He has often been a controversial figure on the platform.

YouTube’s Most Popular Unpopular Guy

Onision is well-known as a Youtuber Provocteur. His long-time series critique women’s photos that they would send him kept the community roiled as the seemingly sexist content grew ever more popular. His rants on body insecurity, obese people, and those with body dysmorphia are legendary in this particular part of YouTube. He never shied away from saying an unpopular thing or making fun of people being offended. If you add up almost all the online tropes (triggering, SJWs, and so on) that one can apply to a channel like this, it becomes exactly as you expect. The internet may be the place where political correctness begins but Onision made a brand by flaunting all of those online rules. Because its the internet his controversy often spilled off of Youtube and onto Instagram, Twitter and elsewhere. However, this controversy began to take on real-life consequences when his community began to get suspicious about his interactions and behaviors with some of his underage fans.

The Latest Scandal

The most current scandal, involving the FBI as of January, is that he and his husband Kai (formerly Laineybot) groomed a young woman for future, possibly sexual acts. The idea that a married man well into the latter part of his 20s would spend time with someone who is in highschool might seem strange but that often was his demographic. There are multiple parts of this scandal. The first problem is that this particular young woman was living with the couple. That should have already raised eyebrows (and it did) and commenters suspected that something sexual might occur. This caused this women to leave their home but she then returned and was finally kicked out in November 2017. Regardless of the myriad of sexual allegations, the situation already was not working. However, once other online personalities who had been involved with him came out citing abusive behavior, things became very real. This led to Chris Hansen of “To Catch a Predator” fame to start interviewing his victims. The YouTube community has begged for his channel to be removed but so far, his channel remains in place and it is a place where he has began posting the video evidence of his…situation.

The Breakdown

This first crossed our wires when Onision started posting a series of videos being his usual quirky self but turned up many times. It looked like a mental breakdown and even if it was acting and done for effect, the effect was clear: I need help. It is hard to tell what is performance and what is real or what his motivation is for posting the deranged videos. Patreon shut down his account and his main source of income dried up. Since this situation has broke, he has threatened to retire from his popular Youtube channel and pursue a career in fast food (it’s not clear if he has ever held any sort of employment).

It does appear like he is trying to capitalize even on this negative attention. He refuses to meet with Chris Hansen unless he is paid a six-figure sum and he tried to bilk Insider.com for $10,000 for comment on his scandals. Newsweek spoke with his parents and their comments are what one might expect, disappointment and a feeling of helplessness. Right now, its not clear where he is or what he is up to. His most recent video from 5 days ago as of this writing. He is still producing content and as far as anyone knows, his channel remains monetized.

Thoughts and Prayers

The situation seems quite sad for all parties involved. There are victims here and there privacy in this article has been respected as best we can manage. Mental health is often not taken seriously and this situation seems to highlight that situation. What is also heartbreaking is what Onision’s children may be going through in this time (one report mentions some injuries to their young daughter as a result of a fall). This situation is stressful on all participants and the best thing we can all hope for is that any justice due is delivered and everyone will eventually be able to move on and heal. We live in an age where there is life after these situations and hopefully everyone, even onision, will be able to move on and simply do better.