Like most people, the sudden change of routine at the beginning of the pandemic has made it hard to find new footing. Back in March, changes were coming hourly and disruptions were coming at everyone fast. Overnight, we lost parties, plans, vacations, school, and for many the transition to working in the office and working from home happened over a weekend or less. Trying to find a new sense of routine has been compounded by the fast-moving news on the pandemic and “doom scrolling.” Our brains have been thrown for a loop. We are stuck between being vigilant for the crisis while also needed to continue our lives. This has gone on for 7 long months and most people have lost any sense of time. Weeks seem like months and months seem like years. The President was impeached in January and while that seems like a long time ago, it happened this year. There’s a reason that we’ve not been able to find a new routine and in this video we learn all about it.