You may have noticed that in a variety of places, especially small shops and stores, there is no real cash draw. Many places simply have an iPad with an app for taking payments or a very modern stand serving the same purpose. You can use a card or mobile device and you are on your way. But what about Americans that only buy things in cash? Many poorer Americans use cash primarily because they do not have bank accounts or credit cards. The unbanked is a market that is simply not served by the regular financial markets. These people usually have their paycheques cashed at a check-cashing location where they are given cash which they use for all their needs. In a cashless world, these people can be left out of the economy.

One intrepid Philadelphia City Councilman realized that the world was becoming increasingly less friendly to those who use cash as their primary means of doing business and moved to make sure that all businesses still take old-fashioned cash in his city. Sweden and other European countries are already moving towards being nearly cashless and simply using electronic means to make transactions but in Philadelphia, cash is still being accepted.

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