The face of American retail is changing. In many towns across America, Wal-mart and other big retailers don’t serve those communities directly. These folks often have to drive to get to the nearest retailer. Dollar General, on the other hand, is small enough that they can set up stores in smaller towns. The small stores are easily built often with metal buildings and a small parking lot.

Dollar General is also filling another gap in the American retail landscape: the working poor. There are Americans that make so little from their job(s) that even Wal-Mart can be a bit spendy. Dollar General serves this community with its very low prices and a wide variety of goods. The small store format also allows them to put stores in towns and cities that can’t support a larger retailer.

These factors have created a boon for Dollar General. They are the fastest expanding retailer in the country right. While other stores are going bankrupt and closing, DG is expanding. However, while Dollar General is more popular than ever before and expanding, its limited availability of fresh food worries food advocates.

Dollar General is increasingly becoming the go-to food store for rural towns and inner cities that might not have another grocery store nearby. However, Dollar General often only has frozen foods and other sugary foods that aren’t exactly on any healthy menu.

The sad reality is that poor Americans are being forced to go to ever-more extreme lengths in order to save their money and buy the essentials. That said, it is a large market to serve and those on Wall Street have taken notice. Dollar General’s stock has risen consistently over the past several years and looks to reach new heights in 2020.

To learn more about the expansion of this retailer, watch this helpful video from CBS’s Sunday Morning.