2020 continues to be a year with an ever-crazier timeline. Just in time for quarantine, Netflix released a new documentary that took the world by storm: Tiger King. Who knew that a show about dead husbands, gay throuples, and a guy with at least 5 girlfriends could take the nation by storm?

Exotic Animal People are Crazy

It is a well known fact that people who own exotic animals who belong in the wild are crazy. It’s true! Even the people that work with them aren’t exactly well in the head. This show illustrates the principal perfectly and according to episode 1, people who own large cats, as the people in this show do are particularly crazy.

The show takes place between Oklahoma and Florida and focuses mainly on the rivalry between Carol Baskins, a self-proclaimed protector of exotic cats, and Joe Exotic who rose to fame for his eclectic YouTube videos featuring himself, his music (yes, he’s a recording artist), and his large cats. The end of the show focuses on Joe Exotic getting arrested for a murder-for-hire scheme to possibly kill Carol Baskins who, as if this show wasn’t weird enough, may have possibly killed her husband for his money and disposed of the body using her large cats. Joe Exotic comes off appropriately crazy complete with hair-style and personal style. Carol Baskins seems aloof and above it all playing the victim card at any given moment.

Crazy Characters

The people around this story are just as crazy and those involved. You have someone like Doc Antle who is well-known for his bevy of beautiful women who help work with the cats. You have Carol Baskin’s army of underpaid, but well-meaning, volunteers. And you have Joe’s various boyfriends, one of whom wasn’t even gay but went gay because of Joe. The show takes the strangest twists and turns as we learn about the people around these crazy folks and all the associated drama with accusations of mistreatment, abuse, and much more. The documentary speaks to current and formerly, employees, girlfriends, and boyfriends about the world of exotic pets and highlights how problematic owning these animals are and how hard it is to truly care for them and give them a life that they deserve. The cats almost become a meta-character in the narrative throughout the documentary.

Now That The Show Has Aired…

Much has changed in the lives of the people who were featured on the show. Carol Baskins is back in the limelight and information on her husband’s untimely disappearance is being taken in by local police. Joe Exotic remains in jail, although President Trump has toyed with the idea of pardoning him by popular demand. However, much has changed for the people in the documentary. Their sudden rise to fame has changed their lives.

In this video from MOJO, we see how the stars of Tiger King have changed since the documentary was filmed.

If you have some how missed this show it’s available exclusive on Netflix.