Sex is an intimate act between two people. Whether it is for a night or a lifetime, the most intimate moments in our lives are shared in that space where sex takes place. It requires one to be close to another human being and be incredibly vulnerable.

For gay men, this situation can be more treacherous than usual for most men. For many men, bottoming for the first time comes with alot of trepidation and concern. Guys want to be with someone they like and who will be gentle with them. Bottoming for the first time has to happen at the right time and the right way. It can hurt, if he isn’t ready and it can also be an emotional roller coaster.

This video perfectly illustrates what happens when things go wrong and what can happen with the emotional roller coaster after bottoming with the wrong way or with the wrong guy. This story is poignant and powerful. If you’re are young and haven’t bottomed for the first time or just are now to bottoming this is a story to watch and what not to do.