Rivian is here to eat Tesla’s lunch in the truck market. Rivian announced the  R1T as well as plans for it’s manufacture in Illinois and what RJ Scaringe describes as something that is “very, very real.” The truck sports lots of technology and plenty of storage space. It features storage space for gear, charging ports for for devices, and lots of screens to interact with the vehicle. It’s perfect for the adventurer on the go who is ready to experience some emissions-free adventuring.

It comes with three battery pack variants that can give the truck a range up to 400 miles and it has the technology available, although not deployed, to  allow the truck to drive itself to meet it’s own at the end of a trail head or river run. Right now the market is focused on adventure, but the tough truck is also ready to serve as a hauler around town or for home projects, especially with the extra storage space up front. 

However, a big question remains, will we ever see one one the road? It has a hefty price tag at $69,000 which is thousands more than it’s conventional competitors. EV companies have been full of hype but with far fewer cars. Faraday had plenty of hype but almost went bankrupt. China’s NIO is one of the few that has managed to put a full-electric car on the road that didn’t come from a legacy manufacturer. 

I think everyone wants to see the truck succeed and we’ll all be excited when there are a few available that run and drive so that they can be test driven, especially in the wilderness. The lack of emissions could be great for getting to the back country and reducing the carbon footprint in forests and other places. 

Rouges will keep you updated on developments on the truck!