Religions have all sorts of interest rules and regulations that are apart of their practices. However, Judaism seems to take the cake when it comes to some odd rules. As you might know, on the sabbath (Saturday) observant Jews are not allowed to do any work. This includes a variety of things like cooking, cleaning, and even turning on electronics. Synagogues often have a sabbath goy to turn on the lights and do other tasks for the services that Jews are not allowed to do. This practice presents a problem for something as simple as carrying a bag or things you need in public on the sabbath. There is an allowance to do some carrying of things if it is in a private space. An Eruv demarcates private space where it would be impractical to put up a wall to create that space. In order for Jewish people to carry things on the Sabbath in New York City the local synagogues pay to have a Eruv set up around the entire island of Manhattan. In this video we learn all about Eruvs and their upkeep and importance.