Plantronics has new earbuds that will truly blow your mind. The next generation of truly wireless earbuds from Plantronics provides all-day wear for those on-the-go, working out, or just plain working to include BackBeat PRO 5100 and BackBeat FIT 3200. They’ve also released the 3150 and 6100 sport headphones for those that want that over-the-ear sound. These models come in great colors and are sure to fit in your everyday life. They work with all devices and are tough and ready to tumble right through the day. The best part is that they can fit your lifestyle and help you handle all the things that you do. Want to take a call at the gym? Not a problem. Rock climbing? Mountain biking? Take your favorite tunes with you!

Great Earbuds and Headphones That Won’t Let You Down

The BackBeat family features Plantronics legendary audio quality, reliable connectivity and innovative technology, as well as exceptional comfort, fit, durability and long-lasting battery life. Whether your preference is fitness, all-day listening or taking calls, BackBeat headphones are designed to meet the demands of your day. We’ve taken a look at these devices and compiled some helpful data for you.

The 6100

For motivated athletes who appreciate multi-sport functionality, the BackBeat FIT 6100 over-the-head headphones are engineered for sport but designed for life. The adjustable sport-fit headband has an IPX5-rated water-resistant and sweatproof design, 40 mm angled drivers, and noise-isolating earcups with “Awareness” mode and up to 24-hour battery life thanks to the extra space available.

Waterproof and Sweatproof: FIT 3100

The next-generation of the BackBeat FIT 3100, these true wireless sport earbuds are designed for outdoor fitness enthusiasts who enjoy urban running. The BackBeat FIT 3150 is also sweatproof and IP57-rated waterproof for extreme weather conditions, includes Always Aware™ ear tips that allow in ambient sounds for safer training, and boasts additional features that can be activated with on-ear controls. The BackBeat FIT 3150 earbuds and carrying case have enough battery life to fuel one week of workouts – up to 24 hours.

The 5100

The first true wireless edition to the award-winning BackBeat PRO line, the BackBeat PRO 5100 earbuds are the smallest and lightest true wireless offering Poly has ever released. Designed for individuals on-the-go – specifically people who lead a connected lifestyle and need to maximize productivity while minimizing the number of devices they carry. The BackBeat PRO 5100 features powerful stereo sound and premium call clarity in a sleek and discreet design. The BackBeat PRO 5100 is engineered for communications and entertainment: Complete with four noise-canceling mics, exclusive WindSmart technology that tunes out background noise, and ultra-comfortable noise-isolating eartips, each earbud can carry a charge of up to six and a half hours plus an additional 13 hours of power with the pocket-sized charging case.

The FIT 3200

For fitness enthusiasts interested in true wireless sport earbuds, BackBeat FIT 3200 offers maximum stability, with noise-isolating ear tips to offer an immersive listening experience both in and out of the gym. BackBeat FIT 3200 is best suited for athletes who want a lightweight design that is sweatproof and IP57-rated waterproof with super-secure earloops and comes with three ear tip sizes. “Awareness” mode gives users the flexibility to hear their surroundings for increased awareness. Each earbud has up to eight hours of listening time, plus an additional 16 hours with the case.