Colorado became the first state in the nation to legalize cannabis for adult recreational use in 2012 and since then, states around the country have begun to legalize the use of the plant for recreational purposes. Most states have some sort of access to medical cannabis (except Idaho) and other states are considering decriminalization and sentencing reform. 2016 saw a raft of states legalize the popular plant. We have compiled a list of states that are considering some sort of legalization in 2020. Some states are considering ballot measures while others are working on passing legislation through the legislature. Much like in Colorado, many of these efforts are being led by grassroots organizations but in a few states like Connecticut, Nebraska, Rhode Island, and South Dakota, the efforts are being led through the state legislature much like Illinois recent legalization.

States Considering Cannabis Legislation

  • Arizona (full legalization)
  • Arkansas (full legalization)
  • Connecticut (full legalization)
  • Florida (full legalization)
  • Idaho (Medical)
  • Mississippi (Medical)
  • Missouri (full legalization)
  • Montana (full legalization)
  • New Jersey (full legalization)
  • New York (full legalization)
  • North Dakota (full legalization)
  • Ohio (full legalization, but nothing pending)
  • Oklahoma (full legalization)
  • Rhode Island (full legalization)
  • Nebraska (Medical)
  • South Dakota (Medical)

If you live in a state where legalization in some form is pending, please get active in that organization! Weedmaps has compiled more information including links to local organizations that are pushing for legalization. Cannabis legalization is becoming an important part of American life. If you’d like to legally light up in your state, now is the time to help collect signatures, lobby your state representative, or help your friends go out and vote for legalization.