Tiffany Jenkins is your favorite Mom next door. Her kids are crazy, her husband would just like some peace and quiet and she’s just trying to juggle it all including a real job. Did we mention she has a Youtube career on her Juggling the Jenkins channel?

However, Tiffany’s life was not always comedy skits and tours where she meets her fans. Before she became Youtube famous, Tiffany had a far darker history. Tiffany is an addict. She started out in high school as captain of the Cheerleading squad but her life quickly spiraled out of control until she was arrested, in jail and forced to finally detox from Heroin and other drugs. That’s when the recovery started. Now she has a great life, but the consequences and the stories of early youth live on to this day. She isn’t rich, she is somewhat famous, but that is part of her charm. Tiffany could be your next-door neighbor. On one video, she commented that she still sometimes has to empty the change jar to buy gas. She makes videos about how her brain plays tricks on her through anxiety, low-self esteem, and depression. She’s normal, she’s real and her story is vital.

Learn more about her in these videos: