Key West

Key West is a favorite mid-winter destination. This time of year, hotels can be a bit spendy but you can find great rates on rooms using your favorite hotel websites and apps. The best part is that from most cities on the East coast the flight is short, no passport is needed and you’ll enjoy plenty of warm temperatures. If you’re in the mood to drive, you can get there by car as well. It’s not hurricane season so you won’t risk being blown to Puerto Vallarta by accident. Key West is a great destination for a quick mid-winter weekend getaway.

San Juan From Above

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is finally recovering from Hurricane Maria and the island is open for business. Again, no passport is required and for a slightly longer flight you can explore historic buildings and the unique Spanish-American culture on the island. If you have a week to spend in the sun, Puerto Rico is a great option.

The Bahamas

Grab your passport for this option! The Bahamas are a popular destination for a mid-winter destination. It’s just off the coast of the United States and boasts some of the most beautiful island vacations you can get on this side of the Atlantic. The Bahamas have some spectacular hotels and resorts so look for mid-winter specials. Also, this is popular destination for cruise ships, so make sure to look for cruising specials as well. You can get all-inclusive packages starting around $800.

San Diego

Do you live on the West Coast? Are those eastern destinations just too far to fly? Not a problem! You don’t have to cross the continent to find a pleasant mid-winter destination. San Diego is a popular escape for those of us in the Seattle area who can’t take anymore of the clouds. The nice thing with this popular West Coast destination is that you can explore nice beaches, warm temperatures and the wonders of market street without a super long flight. The flights usually aren’t too expensive either. This makes for a great budget winter getaway and you can even do it over a weekend. There are great Airbnb options so you can rent out a condo or house and get to the nearest beach!

Las Vegas

The city that truly never sleeps is a great winter getaway, the flights are short from the West Coast and it’s always warm and sunny! It is a desert after all. Las Vegas needs no introduction. Casinos, great nightlife, and new shows from Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, and Jennifer Lopez all make Las Vegas a great getaway. There’s no beach to see, but you can certainly get the beach feeling poolside at the Hard Rock or elsewhere.

Where do you want to jet off to for your mid-winter getaway? What warm destination appeals to you most?