Most people move in the summer and we’re sure that everyone who has changed house probably has done so. We wanted to give you some tips on the first 5 things you should do when you move into a new apartment. If you’re going to college this fall, use this handy list to make sure you have the best place to study, hang out, or spend some time with that special someone. Let’s begin!


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Feeling like you’re in a fishbowl? Curtains will solve that right away. If this is your first apartment and you’re used to just tacking up some cloth, it’s time to upgrade! Most windows in established places will already have curtain rods. However, if you don’t have rods, those can be easily got in the same aisle where you get curtains. Pro tip: if you aren’t planning on staying in your apartment a long time and don’t have curtain rods, tension rods that stay inside the window frame can be a great option. If you don’t find those in the curtain aisle, head over to bathroom, they aren often there as well.


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How well do you clean on your way out from moving? Often, we don’t do our best cleaning. We do minimal cleaning. Depending on the last people to have thoroughly cleaned our your new place is just not a good idea. Some property management teams will clean but the best thing to do is just clean yourself on your way in. As your moving in, find your cleaning supplies and start wiping down surfaces, go over the bathroom, and when you’re ready to use the kitchen, make sure to wipe it down. Refrigerators are notorious for not being as clean as they could be. If the appliance isn’t new, make sure to take out the draws and clean it out as well.


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Each place will have a different amount of space available to put things and store things. For things that you won’t be using on a daily basis, good storage is essential. For things that you need access to in living areas of your new home, get something decorative and fun! In apartments, under bed storage is essential! Get at least 1 bin per person. Under bed storage is great for seasonal clothing and other items. Small boxes or bins for closet floors can be great for shoe storage or things you might not use often but need access to in a hurry.


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Furniture is a hard thing to pick until you’re in a space. The first thing you’ll want to do after moving in is place all the major pieces of furniture and then see what additional pieces you might need. If you want to save some money, check out places like Wayfair, Ross, TJ Maxx, and other discounters who have great pieces for low prices. If you have the budget for some more high end furniture, make sure to take measurements before you shop. How big does that table by the door need to be? End tables around the bed? Make sure whatever you have or plan to buy will actually fit in the space you have planned.


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The last thing to do after you move in is to Relax! Moving is hard work but once the whole place is together you can sit back and enjoy it. One of the most relaxing moments that anyone has in moving is the moment that everything is in from the moving truck and you can sit down for the first time that day and just have a moment to relax. Getting a new apartment together is alot of work but it is the place where the story of your life takes place. Take a little time to enjoy it and make sure that in all your planning you can still actually live in your new place!