As a frequent airport traveller, this writer gets frustrated by people who act like they have never been in an airport in their entire life. Now, some of that confusion comes from the ever-changing policies of the TSA. The last time I was in the airport, no one cared about my liquids neatly packed in a quart bag, this time it was electronics that all had to be separated in separate bins. It’s hard to know what to do in the TSA line. I will say, smartphones have made everything faster. Most people don’t use paper tickets anymore, they have their boarding pass on their phone. You plop your phone down on the glass and that’s it. At least that has improved.

In either case, the best person to talk about how to travel well is to talk to the 10 million mile man. This man is in business that takes him all over the world and he is offering us his best tips for travel.