Men! Yes! That means you! There is quite a bit of marketing and other things that target guys and try to help guys become better. However, as usual, we’ve cut through the dross and found some gems. It’s a tough time to be a man. There’s a lot of social messages that are questioning what it means to be a man and who men act in the world. That conversation is incredibly productive. However, change starts at the personal level and these accounts should help you find ways to make improvements in your fitness, health, and life.

Here’s our favorite accounts for men right now.

Forever Alpha

The reason I love this account and blog is because it’s a great balance between all the things guys care about: money, sex, and personal accomplishment.

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Adam Chilcott

Adam is a bit less “alpha” than Forever Alpha but Adam is launching a new email list and a great Facebook group to help guys connect and become better.

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Kyle Trouble

Kyle Trouble can be a little bit confrontation and we don’t always agree to everything he says but he is a great guide on how to get financial freedom. If that’s a priority than this is a must-read account.

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Western Mastery

Sean at Western Mastery attracted me personally because I was really looking into my health when I found his account. He has lots of helpful advice and his emails are pretty fire. He has great products for your health and naturally helping your adrenal and hormonal systems as well as great information on how to create a great side-hustle. He can be confrontational and he’s pretty “Alpha” but I find myself replying to him and reading him all the time.

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