So as you know, we’ve been following the Wendy Williams story with much interest here on the Celebrity Desk. We have the latest news courtesy of Empress and it doesn’t look good for Wendy. She has guests hosts this week again making it almost 6 weeks she’s been gone from the show. Also, she was spotted in Florida shopping and not looking sick at all. It appears even her arm has healed as she had no sling on.

It’s so touch and go, Debar-Mercury isn’t even releasing a date for her return but saying that they are planning a huge Welcome Back party for her and that she will address her health issues. The other problem is that apparently her staff are angry that she has not reached out to any of them. Rumor has it people are already looking for other jobs. In the behind the scenes videos that they have been posting with guest hosts, you can see the nervous feeling in the air.

Here’s the full breakdown: