For some gay men, it’s a dream and for others, its an awkward experience, but the reality is that some straight guys are more, heteroflexible thank others. So what happens when an otherwise straight guy decides to have some same-sex fun?


Many straight guys get confused when they have same-sex feelings. It can feel like it’s not normal or even feel weird, especially if you’re a little older and have only been with women. There is no reason for alarm! Sexuality is as unique as every human being and having some same-sex attraction isn’t a bad thing, in fact, it can open you up to new experiences, even if dating other guys isn’t a goal or want.

Not Less Than a Man

It’s 2019, and one might think that this point isn’t necessary to make but there are still many guys that look gay men as something lesser, especially if they desire to bottom. Not so! Men who enjoy sex with other men come in a variety of shapes, sizes, attitudes, and some of the most masculine guys can enjoy anal play! If you want to see this in action, go to your next leather meet up and count the motorcycles outside. What kind of sex you have does not define your masculinity, far from it.

Get Experimental

If you’re a straight guy and you’re thinking that playing with another guy might be for you there are a few pathways. You can download the right apps and try a hookup. You might try porn first. You might want to open up to a gay guy you already know. If you really feel like that might be fun, then experiment and have fun.

For Gays: A Helpful Guide

If you’re openly gay and you find yourself talking to a guy you thought was not interested you, put down the Ikea catalog and don’t make wedding plans. He might not be interested in dating, he might only be interested in play. Take it slowly, guide him through the experience and be open-minded to just having the experience with him.

We’ve found an attractive—we mean helpful–guy to help you out with how to handle experimenting with a straight guy properly.